Release Notes for alpha build 18

This update features a new look for the level results and level note. This build should also wipe any player accounts you may have from previous builds.

Added: Function to remove player records from alpha/beta builds to initiate a 'forced reset'

Fixed: Crash relating to using up limited buildings and creating their 'dead' icon

Fixed: Going back and forth between Level Goals and Note during play

Fixed: Dev screen could affect image pixelization

Fixed: Pixel counting after level end

Fixed: 'Next Wave' button showing up after last wave

Fixed: Able to reload buildings after level end

Changed: Pixelization method for smaller screens

Changed: Minor edits to Level 1

Changed: Minor edits to Level Notes

UI/FX: Corrupted sprites easier to see on Monitor at end of level

UI/FX: Updates for various icons/sprites

UI/FX: New look for Level Goals/Results and Level Note

UI/FX: Updated intro development note

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