Listen to the Pixels! [Release Notes for alpha build 16]

This build includes several changes to the way Pixels are handled behind the scenes to help implement new Pixel types and improve performance. With the addition of the Sound Fx building some creative players should be able to make funky riffs and tunes. Enjoy!

Added: 'Shell' Pixel type, requires multiple bounces in processor before it can be fixed

Added: 'Sound Fx' building, intended for fun in creative mode and for audio cues in levels, currently reacts to RED and has 4 effects/modes

UI/FX: New sprite for Corrupted Pixels

UI/FX: New sprite for Sandbox Pixels

UI/FX: Monitor now shows number of total Pixels terminated

UI/FX: New 'Render box' visual for Pixels coming into Monitor

UI/FX: Update for various building sprites and their modes

UI/FX: Walls draw 'missing' corners

93 days ago
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93 days ago

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