Alpha Development Roadmap

Hello Pixel Pals!

To give a better idea of what you can expect, and to help keep me on track, I'm posting a development outline for Super Pixel Defense. These items are subject to change, and more items could be added.

Planned Features:

  • At least 24 levels in the main 'Color Campaign'
  • An additional selection of custom levels that can be played in any order
  • Challenge levels locked behind a minigame
  • A fully developed Level Editor with directions
  • More buildings, pixel types, and game mechanics
  • Balance tweaks for buildings, levels, achievements, etc.
  • Improved artwork for objects, animations, interface elements, FX, etc.
  • Performance and compatibility optimizations
  • Support for Windows & Ubuntu/Linux

Additional Features, these may or may not be added in the future:

  • Additional campaign levels
  • A more in-depth 'unlocking' system using points
  • Online leaderboard/scoring
  • Support for Android
  • Support for GX.Games
  • Support for iOS & MacOS

I plan to move Super Pixel Defense into a "Beta" phase when more of the mechanics and planned features are implemented. This should leave the Beta phase with tasks including: level building, balancing, final artwork, and playtesting.

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