Release notes for alpha build 7

Fixed: Viewing Level Goals would toggle the Expedite Wave function

UI/FX: Powerup tiles from Amplifiers, Randomizers & Desaturators are not shown on walls

UI/FX: Powerup tile preview for Amplifiers, Randomizers & Desaturators don't show outside of processor

UI/FX: Amplifiers now have a graphic showing which mode/config they are in

UI/FX: Added sound effect feedback for changing building mode/config

UI/FX: Total corrupt pixels remaining is displayed at end of level

Ubuntu Linux: First build available. Gallery & Art Mode working. Level Editor not working.

Known Issues:

Level Editor: Has several quirks and still needs lots of love, not functional in Ubuntu yet

Notes for Linux:

To run 'AppImage' programs in Ubuntu Linux you typically have to edit the file permissions by right clicking on the file, go into "Properties" and the "Permissions" tab, and then enable "Allow executing file as program".

In addition to setting the file permissions, you may need 'libfuse2' installed on your Linux machine to run AppImage programs. In your terminal use this command to install it: sudo apt install libfuse2

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