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Unleash your power on the battlefield!

Configure and control the endless battles of Red & Blue as they fight tooth and nail for the battlefield. Use your powers to rally one side to victory or curse both sides with death. 

Do as you wish, for you are a Battle God!!

Battle God is a casual real time strategy game where you configure, oversee, and take part in the ongoing battles of the mortals below using your Godly powers. Complete the challenging achievements any way you want while the hundreds and thousands of troops fight relentlessly.

Unit Classes
Soldier: Armored grunts of the front line
Archer: Ranged attackers to weaken troops
Catapult: Slower artillery can blast groups away
Cleric: Converts enemies and destroys the undead
Champion: Tosses enemies aside and rallies troops

God Powers
Shock: Godly lightning bolts to stun and damage
Rally: Bless units with healing and attack strength
Raise Dead: Skeleton soldiers will continue the fight
Blast: Damage and toss waves of units
Holy Cavalry: Mow down troops and spilt up the action
Pillars of Salt: Weaken and freeze units in a large area

  • Customize each team's forces with unlocked limits
  • More than a dozen challenging achievements to earn
  • 'Auto-Start' mode keeps the battles going when you're AFK
  • 'Random Battles' mode
  • 'Auto-God' mode let's you watch some 'RNG' fun
  • Make unique battles using your own images!
  • Multiple Langue Soportado! [8 languages including Latin]
  • Streamer/YouTube friendly soundtrack [CC4]

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 ...and enjoy the chaos!

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God Game, battle simulator, combat simulator, combat designer, armies, achievements, chaos, streamer friendly, YouTube friendly, endless play, historic, customizable


Get this game and 8 more for $25.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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